Company Profile

Since 1980, Delta Lighting was established in the Philippines and its main headquarter is located in Manila. The company is a lighting manufacturing enterprise that has its own team that handles design, production, sales and service and conducts its own research and development. 

Delta is considered one of the Philippines’ renowned and respected brands. In addition, it is also one of the first companies that have obtained the Philippine Standard (PS). The company currently holds product certifications that cover commercial, engineering, and household lighting as well as electrical and electronic products. The company has followed SQQC (Service, Quality, Quantity, and Cost) strict compliance for 40 years and is recognized as one of the trusted lighting brands by the lighting industry. Aside from its own Delta brand, the company is also known to supply OEM products to other prominent multinational lighting companies around the world.

In 1994, Delta Lighting decided to invest and open another manufacturing facility and office in Zhangzhou and Xiamen, China then named it Delta Lighting (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd. DEC, Delta brand name in China, has become a reliable brand in the market when it comes to lighting needs because it retains efficiency with a cost. It has been recognized by different clients in China by the year 1999. Delta Lighting’s (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd.’s intangible assets, through the government’s assessment, amounted to RMB 116 million (Ren Min Bi).

The company’s facilities that are located in Xiamen Haicang Investment Development Zone and Zhangzhou Longhai Development Zone cover a total area of 33,000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters. There are currently 28,000 square meters of industrial buildings to be built. At the same time, it has manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Zhejiang, China. Three decades of continuous improvement and innovation based on quality and cost-oriented management had led the company to take an essential leap. At the same time, it had also let the company accumulate rich manufacturing experience which cultivated a group of high-quality Research and Development teams which therefore let the company serve the global market.

Delta Lighting (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments to guarantee strong support for new product developments. The company had developed LED commercial, engineering, and household lighting, solar energy, electrical products, etc. from an initially generated factory that produced electromagnetic ballasts, lighting fixtures, and energy-saving lamps. Products produced are able to pass CE, GS, NEMKO, SEMKO, KEMA, ENEC, TUL, UL, CSA, OVE, NOM, SABS, and other international certifications with success. The company is also one of the first few companies in the lighting industry to have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Delta has successively won the National Kangju Cup Gold Award Certificate, the first national quality appraisal, the China Building Decoration Industry Outstanding Product Certificate, the China Edison Cup Award honorary certificate, and the national industry top 100 appraisal and other honors.

Based on the product design concept of high efficiency, energy-saving, safety, durability, and innovation, the company wholeheartedly provides customers with first-class products and high-quality services based on the principle of “customer first, quality first”, and does its utmost effort to make a bright commitment!

企 业 简 介

Delta-lighting成立于1980年,是一家集研发、设计、生产、销售及服务为一体  的照明产品的生产型企业,总部设在菲律宾马尼拉, DELTA品牌在菲律宾是消费者 信任的著名品牌之一,公司在菲律宾是第一批取得国家强制性认证(PS)的企业,目前认证的产品覆盖家用照明、工程照明、商业照明及电工电气等产品,40年来公 司严守SQQC精神得到同行的认可和世界品牌厂商的信任,成为众多世界品牌的OEM定点生产厂家,公司于1994年拆资投资中国,在中国厦门成立三铁照明(厦门)实业有限公司,厦门公司秉承着质量和成本的优势,DEC品牌在很短时间内就在照明行业享有盛誉,1999年就获客户认可,经权威机构评估其无形资产一亿一千六百万元人民币。公司的厂房位于厦门海沧投资开发区及漳州龙海开发区, 占地面积 共计33000M 2 ,建筑面积2万多平方米,目前尚有28000M 2 的工业楼待建。同时在中 国广东、浙江拥有制造基地, 三铁照明通过几十年来的不断改革创新,以质量为管 理基础,成本为管理导向使公司出现了本质的飞跃,同时也积累了丰富的制造经验 、培养出一批高素质的研发创新团队,具备对应全球市场的服务能力。工厂配备先 进的生产设备及完善的检测仪器,为新产品开发提供强有力的支持及保障。公司从 最初生产整流器、支架、节能灯的工厂发展到LED家居照明,工程照明,商业照明 、太阳能、电工电气等多种产品。生产的产品能顺利通过 

CE、GS、NEMKO、SEMKO、KEMA、ENEC、TUL、UL、CSA、 OVE、 NOM、SABS等国际认证。在本行业中也是第一批通过ISO9001质量管理体系认证的企业。先后获全国康居杯金奖证书、 全国质量评比第一名、中国建筑装饰行业优秀产品证 书、中国爱迪生杯奖荣誉证书和全国行业百名评比前五名等荣誉。本公司本着高效 、节能、安全、耐用、创新的产品设计理念,以“用户至上,质量第一”为原则竭 诚为客户提供一流的产品及优质的服务,竭尽全能献出光明的承诺!